Food is Love…..

Hello Everyone-

I haven’t posted in a bit and for that I apologize.  Life has been a bit tricky of late.  (excuse the Halloween pun)

It seems that more and more people I love are having health issues.  Serious health issues.  I just lost my best friend, who I am going to write a tribute to in a few days.  I need time for the perfect words as she was so very special to me.

One message I’d like to share with you this beautiful fall morning is to take care of the people you love.  If you have a sick friend, neighbor or family member, show them love through the love and care you put into a delicious comforting dinner or your “go to” baked good.   I have always believed that cooking for a loved one whether they’re sick or well is the truest expression of love.  When I just don’t know what to do for someone and want to help, I cook.

The food I most want when I don’t feel well or am in distress is  chicken noodle soup.  So simple.  So comforting.  So healing.  So versatile.  You can make it any which way you please.  There are no rules.  I empty out my bits of frozen vegetables from my freezer and any veggie or rice/pasta leftovers in my refrigerator right into the pot.  I get this from my Mother, she always made the best soups out of leftovers in the frige.   Warm fuzzies.

I just went through my soup posts and realized I’ve never posted a recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup.  I’ll be sharing that one next.

Have a blessed day.


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