Missing My Kitchen…..

Hello everyone-

Since I’ve been working in my commercial kitchen, I’ve hardly cooked at home.   You see, I bring dinners home that I’ve prepared for my clients so that I don’t have to cook again when I get home.  Makes total sense, yet…..

I am missing my kitchen.  I do not have a high tech or large kitchen, but it was designed so that every square inch was utilized.  Organized and perfect.  Sure, my stove is old, the cabinets are dark and clearly worn and the sink is porcelain.  It’s where I’ve cooked, a whole lot, over the past 10 years.  It’s served me very well and I’m missing it.  I did, however, make Sunday dinner tonight and it felt good.

I made a quick tomato garlic pasta, a family fav.  So easy.  We grilled a few italian sausages and I warmed some frozen peas.  Delicious.  Reminds me of when I first married Joe and we’d have simple dinners such as this one.  I miss my big boys being younger.  Loved that time with them.  Funny, I started feeling nostalgic when I realized that I may not have fresh garlic.  WHAT? I can’t recall a time in the past 10 years when I’ve been out of garlic!  Fortunately when I went to the bottom of my vegetable bin, I found 3 heads, whew!

I guess I need to follow my own advice about having pantry items on hand, right??

Have a great week!



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  1. Esther Zurita says:

    Aww, you are making me tear up!!! Have a great week!