A "Greener" Way To Enjoy Fruit Juice…..

For years I bought my fruit juices in half gallon plastic containers.  The boys drink them in no time at all, so we’d go through 4-5 of them a week.   I’d say an average cost of approximately $2.50/half gallon.  In addition to the cost,  that’s a lot of plastic in the recycling bin. 

I rediscovered frozen concentrated juices.  Read the labels, some contain high fructose corn syrup, but many do not.  I found orange juice, grape, and apple.  In addition to less plastic, they are much less expensive.  I bought this name brand grape juice at Target for $1.37, so it’s a great deal!

Lastly, most juices are far too sweet.  I add an additional can of water when mixing.  Less sugar and it goes farther.

So, less plastic in our precious environment, less money, and less sugar.  LOVE IT!

Have a wonderful weekend~