This “UFO” is Chayote….

This “UFO” (unidentified food object)  is chayote.  (chi-YOH-tay)  It is of the squash variety and has been compared to yellow squash when cooked.  I would say that it definitely is very mild like yellow squash, however when eaten raw it has a lovely crispness quality that yellow squash does not posess.  The taste is a cross between a cucumber and zucchini.  If you do not share a fondness for squash, I implore you to try this.  It really tastes nothing like anything I’ve ever tasted.  

You must check out the salad recipe that I came up with over the last couple of days.  I have yet to try this interesting vegetable cooked, but I will tell you it is absolutely fabulous in salad.    I did not peel it as I did not feel it necessary, I tasted it both ways.  I thought that the color in the skin added lovely and subtle color to the salad that was very pleasing to the eye. 

I so enjoy “UFO’s!”

Have a great evening!


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