Bring On Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone-

I miss blogging.    I am truly enjoying all of the new things I’m doing with my business, however it leaves little time for posting.  I very much enjoy sharing cooking tips and recipes with you and love your feedback.

It is exciting to be able to say yes to jobs that in the past I could only dream of.  I think the most exciting part is that I can now bake for Ryan’s class!  Unless you have a licenced kitchen, this is a no-no.    Of course, I made iced pumpkin cut outs.  This year I got around to making chocolate mice cookies…so cute! I put them all over the tray as though they were getting into the pumpkin cookies.   The kids were holding them up by the tail and eating them head first!  They’re a bit time consuming, but so fun to share.

This photo was taken before baking.  Right out of the oven you stick a black licorice tail into the back.  Adorable!

I am looking forward to growing the baking portion of my business.  I can’t wait to make all of my special Christmas cookies and different novelty cookies.  Basically there is a cookie for everything you can possibly imagine.  Will have my oven on for all those Thanksgiving pies!  I’ll be making 30-40 or so.

Be sure to check out my recipes for Traditional Pumpkin Pie,  Apple Crumb Pie, Sausage & Sage Stuffing, Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, Homemade Turkey Gravy and tips for a stress free Thanksgiving day.

Have a wonderful evening!


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