Christmas Cookie Baking At Home…..

Hello everyone-

I’ve been completely MIA!  What a fantastic month so far, I couldn’t be happier.  I catered several parties and now I’m in total baking mode.

Tonight, I bake for my family.  In my kitchen with snow on the way!   I’ll be making people cookies, aka gingerbread.  It’s just not the same to bring them home from my kitchen already done.  It’s been a family tradition since the beginning with Jack and Chris, Ryan too.  While the house smells of fresh baked cookies, they help me with the decorating.  The biggest challenge was keeping them from licking their fingers.  Seems like yesterday.

I’ll be making plenty of kringle and many different kinds of cookies for Christmas Eve, and pies for Christmas day.  My favorite kringle flavor?  Blueberry.  I am making a fresh filling with the blueberries we picked in Michigan last August.  YUM!

My favorite pie?  Toasted coconut cream.  Hello!  Here’s what Esther and I discussed while waiting for our boys to come out of school today….for the crust,  mini chocolate chips, coconut and graham crackers?  I do not believe I’ve ever seen or heard of such a crust for pie.  Of course, I will use fresh REAL whipped cream and I’ll make homemade pastry cream.  It’ll be topped with toasted coconut. Yowza!

I hope you enjoy your time in the kitchen making your treasured family recipes!

Enjoy these few days before Christmas, I know I will!


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