Thanksgiving Pie Pictures…..

Traditional Pumpkin Pie.  Butter crust.  Pie crust pumpkin cut out.

Chocolate Silk Pie. Made with real stabilized whipped cream.  Topped with chocolate shavings.

Lemon Cream Pie.  Made with fresh lemon juice and zest.  Topped with stabilized whipped cream.

Pecan Pie.  Made with 1/2 pound pecans.  Great with real whipped cream.

Apple Crumb Pie.  The most popular pie, made with 2 lbs. cinnamon apples per pie.  Topped with butter crumb topping.

Beautiful pie boxes I found on-line.  They were perfect!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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  1. Louise Cafasso says

    Hi Angie: I just went on your website and couldn’t believe what I saw. It’s terrific. I’d like to know the cost of your pies and how many each serve. Thanks. Louise