Pumpkin Crunch Pie…..

This interesting twist came about today when I baked my Thanksgiving pumpkin pies and one of them did not come out with a pretty, smooth top.  I thought about making a whipped cream topping but then thought I’d try something entirely different.  Originally I thought praline, but my peeps do not like nuts, so I came up with a mock praline topping. So simple, I just baked my crunch creation in the oven to caramelize the brown sugar, butter, and coarsely crushed graham cracker crumbs.  I cooled the concoction and just before serving I’ll sprinkle it over the top of my not so pretty pumpkin pie.   It’ll be a great contrast to the creamy custard pumpkin filling.  This would be quite delicious as an ice cream topping too.  So good!

Mock Praline Crunch Topping

2/3 cup coarsely crushed graham crackers
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons melted butter

1)  Crush the graham cracker crumbs and put into a small bowl.  Add the brown sugar and melted butter.  Mix well.
2)  Pour into a foil lined pie dish and bake at 350′  for 12-15 minutes ( turning every 5 minutes) or until the mixture is nicely browned and caramelized.  Cool completely and add to the top of a cooled pumpkin pie or ice cream.

Happy Turkey Day!


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