Space Age Birthday Cake….

When Ryan received the invitation to Alex’s birthday party, I thought gee, the design on this invitation would make a really cool birthday cake.  Here it is!   I bought a large black foam board at the grocery store and a silver sharpe.  I had to carefully map out the planets as Alex’s parents and grandparents all have major science backgrounds!

For the cake, I used my good ole Betty Crocker Bake n’ Fill pan that’s shaped like a half-moon.  I simply iced the cake with yellow frosting and I used tie dyed fruit roll ups to resemble flames on the burning sun.  I went on-line and found images of the planets and duplicated them on round butter cookies with icing, more fruit roll ups and chocolate.  Mercury has the Hershey’s Air Delight crumbled on the top as it looks like moon rock, only brown.  (and quite tasty) Saturn was my fav.  Using my warm hands, I squished yellow fruit roll up into a strip and trimmed it into an even long strip with my pizza cutter.  To keep everything in place I used a dollop of frosting as glue.

I had to throw in a couple of comets and asteroids….  You can see that there wasn’t much cake so I made a couple dozen chocolate cupcakes with the assorted planet colors.  Then, how to write happy birthday??  I stood in the kitchen staring at my creation for a bit and thought I’d ice more cookies and write on the cookies.  Cute huh?

Most importantly, the birthday boy was happy!  Happy Birthday Alex!!

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. What a neat idea. Very creative mind you have.You do an awesome job with food

    love DeLynn