Wedding Shower Favors…..

I love creating beautiful cookies.    I found these bead like little balls on line awhile ago and had this flaky iridescent sugar on hand which I used for the bottom of the dress.  I used melted white chocolate instead of icing which I applied like you would regular icing.  I used a recipe that is more like a shortbread cookie.  Basically butter, sugar, flour and eggs, no leavening to make the cookie rise.  This is the best type of recipe to use because the cookie doesn’t rise and lose the crisp shape of the cookie cutter design.

Anytime you want to decorate a cookie using white or dark chocolate, you’ll want to add the sugars and decorations before the chocolate sets up.  Makes sense, right?  Once it sets up the decorations are held firmly in place.  This will make for easy packaging.  Wrap them individually in cellophane bags and add a pretty ribbon.  Lovely.

Have a great evening!


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  1. These are very cute for a wedding shower!!