“UFOs”…..unidentified “food” objects….

There are two categories of squash, summer and winter.  Summer squashes are available year round and the outer skins are edible.  Winter squashes have the name because of late summer and early fall harvesting.  They will last for most of the winter and their tough skins are not edible.

The pictured “UFO” is spaghetti squash.  It is shaped like a small oblong watermelon and the average weight is between 2 and 5 lbs.  You will want to pick the most yellow you can find, it will be the most ripe and ready to eat.

I love using this unusual vegetable.  It is a nice alternative to wheat pastas.   It has a very mild taste so I like to use lots of onions and garlic for flavor.  I love the addition of sun dried tomatoes, they add a nice layer of flavor and color as well.   Serve this recipe as a delicious side to most any roasted meat or enjoy for lunch the next day.

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