Turkey & Beef Enchilada Casserole On Next Week’s Menu….

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Turkey & Beef Enchilada Casserole is one of my family’s favorites!  For this week’s menu I’m doing half beef and half turkey, just to mix it up.  Click here for the recipe.

I’m implementing a few ideas from the new meatless cookbook I bought a couple of weeks ago. In lieu of a soup I am doing a vegetable curry. Very light mind you, rich in flavor. Enjoy over simple steamed brown rice for a killer vegetarian dinner! If you’d like rice with it, let me know.

I haven’t offered pork tenderloin in a while. The side dish and salad will be amazing with the simply seasoned pork.
Here’s the plan:

Grilled pork tenderloin, seasoned with fresh herbs
Apple, leek and butternut squash gratin
Green salad with warm goat cheese rounds, cider vinaigrette
Buttermilk oven fried chicken strips-kid AND adult fav!
Corn cakes-delicious little cornmeal patties made with fresh corn
Homemade coleslaw, light yogurt and celery seed dressing
Turkey/beef enchilada casserole-delicious seasoned beef and turkey layered with whole wheat tortillas and Mexican cheese.
Cactus salad with grape tomatoes, grape tomatoes, crumbled Mexican cheese with fresh lime cilantro dressing.
Vegetable curry-. Caramelized bok choy, peppers & shitake mushrooms w/ fresh basil in a mild red coconut curry. So good! (light coconut milk)
Mixed bean salad with fresh herbs
Cantaloupe & blueberries
Old fashioned date walnut bars

Because of you I get to do what I love. I cannot thank you enough!


Menu for 6/4 & 6/5….

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Grilled Salmon with Fresh Dill Sauce

I just purchased an amazing meatless cookbook and after owning just one day, perused the whole thing! It’s from the kitchens of Martha Stewart, YUM!  Initially I considered not offering soups for the summer.  I’ve decided  to offer some amazing soups that can be served chilled or slightly warm.  Vegetables at this time of year are so spectacular! I simply cannot pass up these tasty opportunities!
Salads, salads and more salads and fresh fruit. We’re going to have a very healthy summer!
Here’s the plan for next week:
Whole wheat fusilli pasta with caramelized onions, baby sweet peas, wine and toasted panko crumbs and parmesan cheese
Old fashioned wedge salad with crispy prosciutto (or not), grape tomatoes, fresh grated carrots, red onion and seedless cucumber.
Mildly seasoned and grilled chicken breasts (8 ounce portion/person)
Tomato, avocado, and grilled corn salad w/buttermilk shallot dressing
Garlic french bread
Grilled salmon with fresh yogurt dill sauce (7-8 ounce portion/person)
New potatoes with olive oil and lots of fresh parsley
sautéed spinach with fresh garlic
Roasted red pepper soup with quinoa salsa
Shaved parsnip salad with kale and dates
Cut fresh pineapple, kiwi and strawberries
Lemon squares
Many, many thanks for letting me serve you and your families!!