Weekly Meal Service

Eat healthy, eat in!

Try out my weekly meal service.  I plan, prepare and deliver healthy and delicious meals that are easy to warm up and enjoy on any hectic night.  Of all the things you have to do, dinner won’t be one of them!

Each week I offer 3 delicious and kid friendly entrees, a soup, amazing grain salads and a baked good.  I send out my menu via email on Wednesday for the following week’s delivery.  You can pick and choose whatever your heart desires from my menu.   The night before delivery I send out my bill and warming instructions are included upon delivery.

That’s it.  No planning.  No shopping.  No take out.  No convenience foods.  Best of all, ZERO preservatives, trans fats or artificial ingredients.


Please email me with questions.  angiemontroy@angiespantry.com ( or simply click on the “email me” tab on this site!)

Thank you!

Angie Montroy