Appetizer Party!

I made this Chicken Satay for our annual party a couple of years ago.

Hello Everyone!

I’m gearing up for one of my favorite parties..Cocktails and Appetizers!

Every February, I like to throw an appetizer party to celebrate the the birthdays of my beloved in-laws.  There are so many birthdays in the fourth quarter that I can’t keep up!  My sweet Mother-in-law hosts in her lovely condo.  Everyone will bring their favorite cocktail and I’ll bring the appetizers and desserts and we enjoy a nice adult evening together.  So fun!

The fun actually begins with me pouring over recipe after recipe.  I also have ideas in my head that sound good too.  Thought I might like to make mini goat cheese balls that I could fry and serve with a warm marinara sauce…  Joe gets tired of me asking what he thinks of different ideas because he knows I’ll most likely change my mind 100 times!

Here’s what I’m thinking so far….

1)  Bacon wrapped shrimp with chipotle BBQ sauce
2)  Roasted garlic hummus with warm whole wheat pita bread
3)  Zucchini keftedes with feta and dill
4)  Greek lamb meatballs with spicy yogurt sauce
5)  Red cabbage salad with simple olive oil and vinegar


Chocolate fondue with Frangelico.  Dipping items include fresh strawberries and cubed angel food cake
Snickerdoodles  (my Mother-in-law’s fav) and possibly my famous chocolate chip cookies

I’m about 99% set on my menu.  I was all over the place!  I thought a lot about Thai Spareribs , pork and chive pot stickers with dipping sauce and a spring rolls but they didn’t flow well with my other choices.  I wanted some vegetable offerings as I didn’t want to serve all protein based fare.  My menu tends to be mostly Mediterranean inspired dishes, which are always so good.  I haven’t tried the Greek lamb meatballs but the recipe uses minced jalapeno peppers which will be great with the cool  yogurt.  Now I have to make a shopping list and get going!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Have a good evening.


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