My Commercial Kitchen!

Good morning!

I’ve been very busy getting everything in order in my new kitchen.   Initially I thought everything would be so much easier.  It has taken a little getting used to.  Interestingly, I have two people helping me, which I thought would make everything a breeze.  When you’re used to doing EVERYTHING yourself, it can be a bit tricky.  After a few weeks of cooking under my belt, I’m feeling more and more efficient.  Yesterday we rocked out three entrees for 30+ people  in about 5 hours.  Awesome!

This was our very first day in the kitchen.  We were cooking/prepping for a graduation party.  My son Chris helps me with a lot of vegetable prep, he’s very good!  Must introduce the 20 quart Hobart mixer to Chris’s left….HEAVEN!  I can mix multiple batches of cookies with ease.  To his far right there is this amazing dishwasher.   Then to the far left in the very background there is a double convection oven.  So in the time it would take me to bake let’s say 6 pies at my house, I can bake 32 pies.

This is Nancy.  She’s a trained chef and she helps me with absolutely everything!  She is a delightful person and work companion.  I feel so blessed to have her with me.  We met at Ryan’s elementary school and had many chats about food/recipes while I was dropping or picking Ryan up from school.  Nancy was there to pick up her niece Maya and nephew Ralphie. In case you’re wondering, she’s assembling and individually wrapping about 200 ham/swiss/Dijon & mayonnaise sandwiches.

Here I am.  Finally. My dream of working out of a commercial kitchen has come to fruition.  Thinking hurry up and take the picture, I’ve got lots to do but have no idea where to start!!  I’ve got some twirling to do!

I am hugely interested in growing my baking business.  I have already met with a local restaurant and we’re working on a dessert menu.  SO FUN!

So you see, blogging has taken a back seat for a bit.  I want to share much of what I’m doing in the kitchen and will definitely get to that as soon as I’m able.

Have a blessed day!


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