My Hummingbirds, Up Close!

I am about 18″ away from the feeder.  I’m in the hibiscus bush and I look like a crazy person.  This was a tricky angle as the opposite side of the feeder is most accessible to them.   She decided to give me a show.

I have a “sports continuous” button on my camera.  I can just push it down and hold and it’ll take a picture a second, or there about.

She is very curious about me and she’s looking at me and buzzing about.  I can actually hear her wings “buzzing.”  I love her.
They are so fascinating and beautiful.  This week I added another feeder, I now have 3.

She’s had enough of me, she’s off.

Do what you can for our precious birds.  You can see in the background that I have a bird feeder.  I feed them year around.  To the right of the feeder I have a bird bath that I fill with clean water most everyday.  With their natural habitats disappearing, they need our help more than ever.

Happy bird watching!


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