Snow Frolicking And A Pizza ShortCut!

Finally,  serious snow!  We have a small hill across the street, perfect for joyful sledding!
Ryan very much reminds me of Chris when he was 7.  He will go down the biggest hill for the first time head first!

Joe joined in the fun!  I, of course, did not wear my snow pants and just intended on taking pictures.  I went down the hill several times to the point where my boot cut jeans were completely frozen into bells at the bottom!  It was then time for hot chocolate and pizza.

Here’s a dinner shortcut I really enjoy.  I buy the take and bake pizzas, you know the ones that are refrigerated not frozen.  You can get them in most any grocery store, Sam’s Club or Costco.  I don’t buy the meat or veggie pizzas as the toppings aren’t the quality I’d prefer.  I then add my own fresh chopped mushrooms, small diced peppers and onions.  I have a meat pizza guy in the house so on one I’ll add some crumbled bacon or spicy chicken sausage.   I’ll toss a quick salad together and dinner!

I’m thinking soon we’ll make homemade pizza dough/pizza.  This is fun because you can make individual pizzas made to everyone’s personal taste.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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