This Week’s Offerings…..

Hello Everyone-

I thought I would share this week’s menu with you..  I’m ordering much of my food from a wonderful distributor by the name of Get Fresh.  So nice to have beautiful and amazingly fresh produce, dairy and chicken delivered to your door!  I have access to many items I can only find at the farmer’s market like patty pan squash, frisee, wild baby arugula and many varieties of fresh mushrooms just to name a few.

That being said I went for the one pound box of fresh basil, a case of sweet grape tomatoes, and a 1 kilo package (about 2.20 lbs.) of goat cheese….I’m in heaven!  I also ordered fresh parsley, and a case of zucchini.  YUM!

Here’s the menu:

Fresh roasted grape tomatoes, basil and goat cheese tart
Mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Mediterranean chicken breasts with olives, tomatoes and white wine
Brown rice pilaf
Sautéed zucchini with garlic with feta

Turkey burritos, (great recipe for “cook once, eat twice!) seasoned ground turkey with refried beans, light tomato rice and cheese
Garden salad with cilantro and avocado dressing

Egg salad made with greek non fat yogurt and light mayo, crunchy celery, parsley and a little onion. So good!
Crunchy vegetable medley, garbanzo beans, kale, dill, cucumber, zucchini with light vinaigrette

Raspberry bars

Have a wonderful day!


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