How to Re-Warm Mashed Potatoes…..

Hello everyone-

Mashed potatoes ARE one of those things you can make ahead for your holiday dinner.  Prepare them as you always do and refrigerate, preferably in a glass microwaveable dish.

I’ve tried many ways of doing this.  First, on the stove top.  It is difficult to warm potatoes in a pot over a flame without scorching the bottom.  Oven warming makes the potatoes a very strange consistency, not creamy like mashed potatoes should be.  While microwaving is not always the best warming option for many foods, I found it to be the best for mashed potatoes.

Twenty minutes before you want to serve, begin microwaving (on high) your potatoes, covered with a paper plate or paper towel for 2 minute increments.  Stir between.  You may need to add a little milk if they’re too thick.  Continue microwaving until they’re pipping hot.  If you have a huge amount of potatoes, divide them among smaller bowls.

I found this to be the best way to warm cold mashed potatoes.  Anything you can make ahead of time makes for a much less stressful holiday dinner.

Santa will soon be on his way!