Best Holiday Cookies Ever!

Hi Everyone-

This is the perfect time to start cookie baking.  I find it much easier to mix one day, bake another, and decorate yet another.  This is a good time to get started.

First check out my tips for holiday baking essentials.  This is my equipment guide to successful cookie baking, easy clean up and efficient use of your time in the kitchen.

Cookie dough will keep very nicely wrapped in cling wrap and into a zip storage bag.  Label and date, as always, especially if you’re making a wide assortment of cookies.   The dough will keep nicely for 2 weeks.  I’ll be mixing gingerbread dough (aka “people cookies”) today.  I’m thinking I’ll mix approximately 6 batches as they are the #1 cookie tradition in our house.  My boys always look forward to these.

FYI, after the gingergread cookie dough has completely chilled, it may seem quite unmanageable.  Allow the dough to sit on the counter for 30 minutes before you begin.  Cut off a chunk and really work it with your hands to make it pliable to roll out on your board.  After you cut out the first batch, bring all the scraps together and add another chunk, working it together.  It is very easy after the initial batch.

Another lovely dough I like to use is a roll out butter cookie that has no levening.  It is the perfect recipe for layered and filled cookies.  Same deal here with rolling it out.  Use the same recipe for darling snowmen cut outs.

Mix your dough a day or two ahead then bake.   If you’re not ready to decorate at this point simply freeze the cooki  Pick a day closer to Christmas to actually decorate and put some aside for the kids to go crazy and decorate!  There is plenty of finger licking going on here, so I put their personal creations into their own bag.

I mix up my assortments as I do not like to decorate every cookie I make.  Lovely bars such as raspberry bars, and festive peppermint brownies are perfect because they slice beautifully and make for a pretty presentation.  My other Christmas cookie fav’s include santa thumbprints and chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.  Beautiful and delicious!

I’m so ready to get baking!

Have a great day-

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