Holiday Baking Essentials….

Before I start posting recipes, I’d like to fill you in on my favorite baking equipment.  If you start with really good tools/equipment you will have a more favorable result.

1)  Cookie sheets.  T-fal Air Bake.  20″x15.5″.

This is absolutely the best baking sheet out there.  Why?  Number one, the size.  I can get about 20 good size chocolate chip cookies on this sheet without them touching.  When you’re making cut outs, you want to bake as many as possible at one time.  You see the one edge with a lip.  Great for oven removal.  No sides are terrific for easy cookie removal.  More on that momentarily.  I was practically skipping through Target when I found this cookie sheet!  They only had one, so I went home and immediately ordered on line…free shipping no less!  Click here for Target cookie sheet link!  They run $14.49.

2)  Parchment Paper.

Pick this up at just about any food retailer.  The box runs about $3.00.  The beauty of the size of the cookie sheet above and the parchment paper is that they are exactly the same width.  Simply cut a piece to fit the sheet.  Why use parchment paper?  When you bake the cookies on the paper and they come out of the oven, you can easily slide the hot cookies right onto the cooling rack.  They will cool much faster and no cookie residue is left on the pan.  You can use it over and over again for many batches of cookies.

3)  Cooling Racks.  20″ x 14.5″.

Perfect for cooling anything you bake on the mega size cookie sheet.   I found this exact size by Wilton.   They are $16.81.

Decorating Essentials….

I have a thing for small bowls.  I especially love these because they have lids.  They come in a set of six.  If memory serves, I think they were $22.00.   I often decorate in shifts so I love that I can simply pop the lid on and off without getting the bags/packages of decorations out over and over again.  Also great for prepping for any recipe.  I got these from Pampered Chef. 

Lastly, I love a good 12″ piping bag.  They run about $7.00.  The best tip size for piping gingerbread cookies would be the #5.  You can find these at any craft store.  (I got mine at Michaels)  The icing spatula is great for icing cookies, can’t live without it!

I wanted to give you a good base for my upcoming recipes.

Thank you for being patient with me!  I’m feeling more festive these days:-)

Have a great day!

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  1. Jacky Hackett says

    These look incredibly yummy!