Can You Identify This “UFO?”

I have not featured an “unidentified food object” in awhile.   This is fun.  I choose an usual looking food and introduce it on my blog.  I will then post a recipe using the “UFO.”  Trying new foods keeps dinner time interesting and fun! 

Isn’t food fascinating?   Don’t you look at unusual foods and wonder what the very first person to eat it was thinking?  How many people became ill or even worse, died from experimenting with new foods?  I do not believe I’d be so brave! 

Any idea what this is?  I’d love to hear what you think!  Leave me a comment if you would!


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  1. It is a GUAVA!

  2. It is a GUAVA!

  3. It’s a chayote! I’ve never eaten one, but I’ve seen them.

    • You are exactly right! I will be posting a recipe in a few days. Thank you for your comment!