How To Defrost A Frozen Turkey Safely…..

We’re down to the wire.  Thanksgiving is only one day away.   It takes several days to defrost a large turkey in the refrigerator.  Never defrost a turkey at room temperature.  If your turkey is frozen, this is the safest and quickest way to defrost.    With this method, there are two things you MUST have. 

1)  An accurate instant read thermometer.

2)  A large enough pot to completely submerge the turkey in water.

To defrost a frozen turkey completely submerge it in water.  Allow 30 minutes per pound.  So if you’ve got a 10 lb. turkey at 30 minutes per pound comes out to about 5 hours of defrosting.  If you’re not cooking it right away, put it right back into the refrigerator.  Cook within a day of defrosting.  Optimum water temperature should be 41′ or below.  Check the temperature of the water with an instant read thermometer every hour making sure not to touch the side of the bowl or the turkey.  If the temperature reads above 41′ simply change the water and replace with cold tap water. 

Email me if you have questions.

Happy cooking!


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