Christmas Concert, Kringle, & Dinner Rolls…..

The Christmas concert at school was so cute!  It was fun to watch and very exciting too that it was the last day of school.  Ahhhhh, winter break.  No jumping out of bed, making lunches, getting breakfast, getting dressed and off to school.  Nice.

What was on the agenda our first day without school???

Baking, of course!  Ryan is very good at rolling, cutting and placing the cookies on the sheet.  I mixed the dough earlier in the week.  We baked all the cookie dough, whew!

Last night I mixed dough for Kringle.  (check out the step by step instruction)   I love making it because the dough is prepared the night before and simply rolled out, filled with cream cheese and fruit filling, shaped, and baked.  No second rising required.  It is so delicious and stays very fresh for 2-3 days unlike many other yeast type breads/rolls.

Lastly, since I loved the Challah bread so much, I thought I’d make a triple batch and shape them into rolls for Christmas Eve dinner at my  sister in law’s house….

The triple batch made about 75 rolls.  My house smells amazing!

Merry Christmas!