Homemade Warm Challah Bread….

Good morning-

I hope all of your Christmas shopping is coming together nicely.  I’ve done most of mine on line, such a great way for me to shop!

It’s been hard to post during this flurry of parties, baking, and..well, you know, we’re all busy.

I had the lovelist surprise from my friend Genevieve.  A warm loaf of Challah bread.   Definitely a December highlight.  First because she took the time to make something special for ME during this very busy time of year.  Secondly, have you ever had a warm loaf of homemade Challah bread?  If you have, you know what I’m talking about.  Slightly sweet.   Firm yet tender texture.  A beautifully browned lovely crust.  Pure heaven.

Needless to say, my friend not only shared the warm Challah, but the recipe too!!  Yippee!!  Genevieve tells me she’s been making it for about ten years and she’s “tweeked” it over the years to her taste.  The best recipes around are the ones we tailor to our own taste.

This is going to be good.  I’m going to make a homemade Challah, photograph it, and share it with you, compliments of Genevieve.  This will become a regular in my rotation of baking, for sure.

Planning on baking my brains out this weekend. In addition to the Challah bread, I’ll be making Raspberry Bars, Festive Peppermint Brownies, Peanutbutter Bars (with red and green M&M’s, Gingerbread CookiesPecan Squares, Coconut Macaronns, and Santa Thumbprints

Have a blessed day.